Happy Holidays

I forgot to add the Christmas Fashion to the Boutique, and with all of the game issues lately I am giving away one choice of 6 different Christmas fashion sets per toon for free...!

The Checkered Holiday set was just released this year if i am understanding correctly...

The 6 sets are:

Checkered Holiday Set (M/F)
Mistletoe Set (M/F)
Fancy Christmas (M/F)
Reindeer Set (M/F)
Frosty Set (M/F)
Festive Snowman Set (M/F)

You will be presented with a menu of which set you would like, be careful in selecting the right gender...

Enter this code 1Z3OD9 here in the Voucher / Coupon page to receive your FREE gift...!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays...!

Happy Holidays

We are up to patch #62... I had to move some files back to default locations due to some dynamic objects not working correctly... Sorry about the crazy client crashes... I think they are all worked out now... Flowsilver Palace is now working correctly... It appears that PWE has made some changes in there around the way that we get rewards... It looks like no quest turn in as you go through any more, and one big reward at the end... I added Event Gold to this reward for a little more motivation to do FS... :)

Holiday snowmen will be available until the new year... Be sure to hit them up for your Elysium mats... :)

I will NOT be resetting the TW map this year... Reason being, there is another event that only appears when the TW map is completely occupied...

Patch #46


Updated client with patch #46 now available for download...

Moved files from one archive to another...

Added new content from recent Chinese update...

Dawnlight Hall


Dawnlight Hall is now open... Its incomplete, but the bosses are available for daily quests...

New Maps

I have added the new Official maps from the 1.6.0 Chinese client... They have no mobs or npcs... They are just for exploring... They are incomplete, make sure you have some teleport stones in your inventory for when you want to leave... If you get stuck, you can use this website to return back in Archosaur... Enjoy checking out what is to come... Some of these maps ARC server hasen't even seen yet... a97 looks really interesting... :)

Custom NPC added to West Archosaur for teleporting into the new maps...

The DQ System has been working much better, and since the Trivia system is related I am going to try it again... It will ask questions once every 60 minutes, and the rewards will be coins or chance packs... I did add more questions before I disabled it, so hopefully it works out...
Manual Patches


Manual patches will be available periodically hopefully to help with corrupt files issue when updating...

Western Steppes


A lot of fixes, and most of all Western Steppes is now unlocked...!

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